Griffinrath: License for waste disposal

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Municipal District: 7th July 2020

Motion: That the council explains in relation to permits produced for the municipal district members in June for the dumping of waste for Kavanagh’s Mill in Griffinrath, as they do not cover the construction and demolition waste permission requested, and that the
appropriate licenses for the transport and acceptance of this construction and demolition waste are provided to the members and made publicly available on the council’s website.

Report from Council

For the sake of clarity, Kavanagh’s Mill was located in the town of Maynooth and is a different site to that at Griffinrath. The subject site at Griffinrath goes back almost 20 years with much history associated with it. 

Waste Collection Permits are issued to waste collection contractors and are not issued for a specific site demolition project. There are a quite a number of hauliers that have been issued waste collection permits for the collection of Construction and Demolition waste. 

The waste permits for the site at Griffinrath permitted the importation of soil and stone in condition 4.1. Under Activity 5 of the Waste Management Permit Regulations 1998, it is permissible for clean construction and demolition waste to be imported to a waste permitted site for the provision of haul roads. 

Environmental Risk Assessments have shown that there is no environmental risk from the site. 

The waste permit for this facility expired in 2004. However, there are several files relating to this facility and each will be examined and any information relating to the transport and acceptance of waste materials to the site can be provided to members if required. 

As reported previously, the Waste Permit and the Certificate of Registration Database register for waste facility permits and certificates of registration is managed by the National Waste Collection Permit Office (NWCPO). The register is hosted by the NWCPO and since the waste collection permit system was amalgamated into the NWCPO in 2012, that body holds waste collection permits. 

Follow up discussion at the meeting (see minutes)

Councillor Liston queried the licence that was referenced in the Risk Assessment Report for this site and asked if it could be made available to the members. (The point was that that license is referenced in a Risk Assessment Report that the Council has accepted as indicating there is no environmental risk from the landfill)

Mr Fagan stated that the Senior Engineer from the Environment Department was unable to attend the meeting but he would contact Councillor Liston directly in relation to this request. 

Resolved on the proposal of Councillor Liston, seconded by Councillor Caldwell, that the Senior Engineer from the Environment Department contact Councillor Liston in relation to this issue and the report be noted. 


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