Dog warden in Castletown

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Municipal District: 19 March 2021 

Question: Can the council confirm how often there is a dog warden present in Castletown and are reports on their activities and any enforcement actions available? 

Report: In County Kildare, dog control is operated by the ISPCA on behalf of the local authority. 

The main role of a dog warden is to deal with stray dogs, i.e. handling the seizure, detention and rehoming of stray dogs. Stray dogs are dogs that are in a public place and are not accompanied by the owner or a responsible person. Dogs that are not under proper control may also be also considered as stray dogs. Stray dogs can be seized by the dog warden or Gardaí and brought to a dog pound. 

Dog wardens have the power to: 

  • • Request the name and address of anyone suspected of an offence under the Control of Dogs Act. 
  • • Seize and detain any dog. 
  • • Enter any premises (other than a residence) to seize and detain a dog. 

Prior to the lockdown the dog wardens would visit this part of the county, in response to calls or while on routine patrols. However, since the imposition of level 5 lockdown the dog wardens are working from home and responding to calls on a risk assessment basis. Unless a particular incident occurs, or a complaint is received, no records are maintained. 

For the members’ information, the Department of Rural and Community Development publishes annual statistics on dog control. 


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