Municipal District: 21 October 2022

Motion: That the council address the safety issue at the junction of Tea Lane and English Row, where some westbound vehicles are taking U-Turns to head back into the town centre, by examining the feasibility to build up the corner kerbs and incorporate a crossing to the Grotto monument and applying for relevant funding streams.

Report: The Municipal District office has investigated this issue and have not observed an extensive issue with vehicles carrying out U-turns at this location. Contact has been made with Kildare County Council’s Active Travel team and they have indicated that the building out of the junction and the provision of an uncontrolled crossing point from the footpath on the Mill side of the R403 to the grotto side of Tea Lane is a project that can be submitted to the National Transport Authority (NTA) for funding in 2023. In the short- term bollards will be installed to form a central junction island on Tea Lane to prevent vehicles carrying out a U-Turn at this location.