Wall repair at Captain’s Square Estate

by | Mar 24, 2023 | 0 comments

Municipal District: 24 March 2023

Question: Can the council provide a timeline by which the outstanding items relating to a tree and  wall removal/repair at Captain’s Square Estate, Leixlip will be completed, with a view to the taking in charge of the estate?  

Report: Development Control are working with the Parks Department in an effort to  progress the outstanding issue in relation to the boundary walls. A scope of works is  currently being developed. It is intended that the works will be tendered. Once the tender  package is complete, it is expected that the tendering process will take up to 6 weeks.  Once a Designer/Contractor is appointed a definitive timeline can be provided. 

Issued by Mr N O’Riordan, A/Chief Fire Officer, Fire Department.

Discussion: The report was noted. 


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