Habitat report on Crodaun woodland

by | Apr 17, 2021 | 0 comments

Municipal District: 16 April 2021  

Motion: That the council carry out a habitat report on the native deciduous woodland in Crodaun, Celbridge (coordinates) 53.360980, -6.548254.

Report: This matter will be discussed with the Heritage Officer to establish whether the area qualifies as a native woodland.

Issued by: Mr S Wallace, Senior Executive Parks Superintendent, Community and Cultural Development Department.

Discussion: Councillor Liston thanked the Heritage Officer, she would like to get feedback from Mr Wallace in relation to protecting this area as it was owned by Kildare County Council. The members agreed this should be put on the progress report

Resolved on the proposal of Councillor Liston, seconded by Councillor Caldwell that the report be noted and the matter be discussed with the Heritage Officer and the item go on the progress report.


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