19th November 2021
Motion: That the council outline which specific reports are referred to in the consultation plan for the Celbridge to Hazelhatch Link Road and to confirm that an environmental constraint report will be published as part of the consultation materials made available to the public, in advance of the emerging preferred route consultation.

Report: The Celbridge to Hazelhatch Link Road project is currently at Phase 2 Option Selection (see image below) and is in the process of identifying an emerging preferred option.

During Phase 2 it is necessary to establish whether, at face value, a sufficient case exists for considering a Project in more depth, that is, progression to Phase 3 Design and Environmental Evaluation. During Phase 2 all reasonable / feasible options are examined (Option Selection Process) and their costs, benefits and effects on the environment are interrogated to identify a preferred option, if any, that will progress to Phase 3 Design and Environmental Evaluation.

Project Phases

Phase 2 Option Selection is sub-divided into three Stages as set out below:
Stage 1 – Preliminary Options Assessment.
Stage 2 – Project Appraisal Matrix. (We are here)
Stage 3 – Preferred Option.

The project is currently in Stage 2 of Phase 2 which involves a detailed assessment of all five shortlisted Route Corridor Options under the six Common Appraisal Framework Criteria:
Economy, Safety, Environment, Accessibility and Social Inclusion, Integration, and Physical Activity

Non-statutory public consultation no. 2 will take place in Q1 of 2022 which will provide an opportunity for all stakeholders to provide views on the Emerging Preferred Option. The following reports will be made available during public consultation no. 2:

  1. Environmental Constraints Report,
  2. Preliminary Option Selection Report, and
  3. Public Consultation No.1 Report

Stage 3 (Preferred Option) will commence following the completion of Stage 2, anticipated to be in Q2 of 2022.
Phase 3 (Design & Environmental Evaluation)
Phase 3 (Design & Environmental Evaluation) will commence subject to the completion of Phase 2.
Phase 4 (Statutory Processes)
Phase 4 (Statutory Processes) will commence subject to the completion of Phase 3. Further opportunities will be provided for landowners, members of the public and interested parties to make submissions during Phase 4 (Statutory Processes).