Radon Testing

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Municipal District: 17 June 2022

Motion: That the council outline measures it takes in the Municipal District to mitigate high radon levels both in its housing stock and to raise awareness of the need for residents to test for radon levels particularly in high risk areas.

Report: Since 1998, Irish Building Regulations have required that reasonable measures be taken during the construction of new buildings to avoid danger to health due to radon and these mitigation measures are outlined in the Department Technical Guidance Document Part C. All houses acquired by Kildare County Council constructed within this time frame would be subject to these regulations.
In the late 2000s, Kildare County Council had a programme of temporary radon monitoring in houses where significant works were carried out. The information gathered was returned to the Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland and formed part of their national survey. This monitoring ceased in the early 2010s.
On the recent publication of the updated EPA national radon maps, radon monitoring has been reintroduced at properties where Disabled Persons Grant works are being carried out, particularly for extensions and significant works.
There is currently no programme of radon monitoring throughout the remainder of Kildare County Council stock.

Issued by: Ms S Farrar, A/Administrative Officer, Housing Section


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