Number of New Housing Units

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Municipal District 16 September 2022

Question: Can the council outline the amount of new housing units expected to be available for allocation over the next twelve months in this municipal district, to include timelines, broken down by housing type?

Report: The following table outlines the expected delivery of units in this municipal district based on our information to date. Any unforeseen delays in delivery may affect the timeline.

Type of UnitNumber of UnitsTimeline for
Delivery 2022
Timeline for
Delivery 2023
1 bed apartment 1688
2 bed apartment 77 (26 duplex)59 (18 duplex)18
3 bed apartment 46 (26 duplex)46
1 bed house
2 bed house22
3 bed house 846816
4 bed house 1156

Issued by: Shirley Farrar, A/Administrative Officer, Housing Department


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