Outdoor Youth Facilities Project Progress Update

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Municipal District: 19 May 2023

Motion: That the council provide an update on the progress of the Outdoor Youth Facilities project in Celbridge.  

Report: The report highlighting the outcomes of the consultation held last year was  made available of the Council website and the report and its outcomes were  highlighted on social media. The report was also distributed to the community  organisations on the steering committee. It was also publicised by Dublin City  University. The Council is currently consulting with the various secondary schools in  Celbridge who participated in the initial consultation. This involves asking the students  to design hangout areas, teen playgrounds, ball park and outdoor gym. These will be  used to inform the design of the facilities and the brief for designers that are procured  to develop designs. It is planned to feedback these designs again to the teenagers  once they are developed. It is hoped to progress this over the Summer. Once the  designs are completed we hope to engage with the community regarding potential  locations.  

Issued by Mr S Wallace, Acting Senior Parks and Landscaping Officer, Economic  Community and Cultural Development. 


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