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Municipal District Meeting: 19 December 2019

Motion:  That the council develop cycle lanes on the Aghards Road in Celbridge to connect those on the Shackleton Road and Maynooth Road to enhance safety for cyclists and pedestrians and to increase the connectivity between cycle routes in Celbridge. 

Response from Council:  There are currently no plans to develop cycle lanes on the Aghards Road in Celbridge to connect those on Shackleton Road and Maynooth Road. To undertake such a project may require land acquisition/Compulsory Purchase Orders and would incur significant costs. 


Follow up to this motion
Following a discussion at the meeting and follow-up on this important piece of infrastructure to connect and facilitate safe cycling in Celbridge, the new Director of Roads, Transport and Safety stated that he intends to meet with the NTA in January and will raise this as a project for Celbridge. It is well acknowledged the importance of joining up cycling infrastructure.
It will be a large project given the narrowness of the road. It was confirmed that it is not possible to use one side of the road for cycling and the other for walking but that indicative cycle-lanes may be possible as an option in the short-term. I requested that the project be initiated with the NTA, and that indicative cycle-lanes be laid down in the meantime in a way that is safe for cyclists, particularly school-children.


  1. John Regan

    What is the current status of this proposal?

    • Vanessa Liston

      Hi John, Thanks for your query. With funding secured to enhance walking and cycling infrastructure, the Roads department is in discussions with NTA with regard to advisory cycle lanes on Aghards road in the short to medium term. Over the longer term the aim is to put in an application for segregated cycle lanes. Before that a Sustainable Transport Strategy for Celbridge and Leixlip will be completed which is due to start next year. That will set the overall vision and plan for sustainable transport in the area. It aims for joined up planning for all transport modes with a focus on sustainable transport (proper cycle an pedestrian infrastructure). From this strategy the the Council will apply for individual schemes such as segregated cycle lanes on Aghards Road to achieve the overall transport strategy. Please give me a call at any time to discuss.


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