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Municipal District: 17th January 2020

Motion: That Kildare County Council provide a list of all environment-related datasets held by the Council on the Celbridge-Leixlip MD. These may include but are not limited to: traffic counts, water quality data, air quality data, biodiversity measures, incidents of water pollution, BER ratings of Council housing, illegal dumping incidents, tree coverage, etc. 

Report: IT are only aware of data sets produced as part of the open data initiative. Please see below a list of these datasets. All other environmental data sets are held in the individual departments and managed internally. We are aware that the vast majority of datasets do not hold the respective municipal district code and as a result are not accessible for specific Municipal District queries. 


  • • Kildare Libraries 
  • • Kildare Scenic Routes 
  • • Kildare Poll Places 
  • • Kildare Scenic Views 
  • • Kildare Fire Stations 
  • • Kildare Landscape Character Areas 
  • • Kildare Recreation Areas 
  • • Kildare Accessible Parking 
  • • Kildare County Council Buildings 
  • • Kildare Poll Districts 

Report: Commencing in January 2020, the Housing Department will compile a BER dataset as part of the proposed programme of energy retrofitting for council-owned property. 


Water quality data is available at https://www.water.ie/water-supply/water-quality/ 

The member should contact Irish Water Local Representative Service Desk/Irish Water monthly clinic for members, in compliance with Irish Water protocol. 


Follow up: The fact that data exists but cannot currently be accessed highlights the importance of the Open Data project that the Protocols and Committee team are currently working on as a result of my previous motion at plenary Council. As the project progresses I will post updates under the Issues section on Open Data.


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