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The Government’s General Scheme on the Housing and Planning and Development Bill 2019 proposes significant restrictions on the ability of the public to access justice in the courts on planning and environmental issues. To explain the issue I asked Fred Logue for some of his time to translate the bill into what it means for individuals and NGOs or community groups with the aim of making submissions to the consultation.

Proposed Changes to the Planning & Development Act

Legal expert Fred Logue speaks with me about the changes to the Planning & Development Act, and the current Public Consultation process, which has a deadline of 27th January. Let's get those submissions going!

Geplaatst door Celbridge Polls & Politics op Vrijdag 24 januari 2020
Interview: Fred Logue discussing the General Scheme of the Planning and Housing and Development Bill 2019

The consultation available at this link closes on 27th Jan 2020. PI urgen everyone to get involved to understand why this matters and to have your say so that this bill does not turn into law.


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