Griffinrath Landfill

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Municipal District Meeting: 19th June 2020

Motion: That Kildare County Council provides to the June Municipal District meeting and makes available on the appropriate section of its website a copy of the license for the demolished Kavanagh’s Mill in Griffinrath landfill in Celbridge. 

The Waste Permit and the Certificate of Registration Database register for waste facility permits and certificates of registration issued by local authorities under Kildare County Council the Waste Management Regulations has transferred to the National Waste Collection Permit Office (NWCPO). The register is hosted at 

Since the waste collection permit system was amalgamated into the National Waste Collection Permit Office (NWCPO) in 2012, waste collection permits are held by the NWCPO. 

Follow up

The NWCPO confirmed that they do not have a copy of this waste license and that it should be still held in historic records by the Council. For this reason, this issue is followed-up with a further motion next month. This waste license was references in the Environmental Risk Assessment report submitted to Kildare County Council in December 2019. On the basis of this report KCC have determined that there is no environmental risk from the landfill and the EPA have closed the case.

My queries relate to an analysis of that Environment Risk Assessment. The report states that a waste license exists for the deposition of Construction and Demolition waste from Kavanagh’s Mill in Maynooth back in early 2020s. This motion asks to see a copy of that license.


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