Schedule for Clearing Footpaths

by | Nov 18, 2022 | 0 comments

Municipal District: 18 November 2022

Question: Can the council make available a schedule for clearing footpaths of leaves in this  municipal district at this time of year so residents of estates know within a range of a  few days, when their paths will be cleared?

Report: It is not possible to provide a schedule for the clearing of leaves in estates in  the Municipal District. The clearing of leaves is scheduled as part of the outdoor crews  tasks but the work locations are reactive, and locations are subject to change  depending on volumes of leaves present and other possible calls for resources. On  main thoroughfares where there is heavy footfall leaves are cleared periodically off  footpaths. At these locations leaves are blown off the footpaths onto to the road where  they are then removed using a road sweeper. Within housing estates road surfaces  are swept to remove leaves. Footpaths in estates are not swept. 


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