Provision of a BigBelly Bin for Celbridge.

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Municipal District: 21 April 2023

Motion – Councillors Vanessa Liston and Íde Cussen: That the council engage with members in order to proceed with the provision of a  BigBelly Bin for Celbridge Main Street Area.

Report: The Municipal District office will engage with the members to proceed with the  provision of a Big Belly Bin for Celbridge Main Street Area. The most appropriate  location for the bin will need to be identified and agreed. 

Discussion: The members raised the following:

  • Councillor Liston and Councillor Cussen informed the members that they had attendedan informative presentation at recent SPC meeting regarding usage of BigBelly bins within the municipal district and the associated environmental benefits. The bins were larger in size allowing for a reduction in collection requirements meaning less trucks on the road.
  • Previous funding had been allocated for additional collection days in the municipal district due to increase in waste, the BigBelly bins should alleviate this in the future. There was a request for Tidy Towns to be included on this project especially when looking at locating the bins. Need to also investigate ways to promote this to the public.
  • It was suggested that Main Street/Castletown could be best location initially due to large footfall and to look at other possible locations before the budget in November.
  • Felt this was a great idea but careful consideration into the positioning of the bins ensuring trucks could manoeuvre easily to empty the bins and that the bin was not positioned in such a way that it was seen as an eyesore.
  • Suggestion of solar operated compactor bins as an alternative.

Mr Linnane advised the members that.

  • The bins would take 2 men to lift as they were heavier that the standard public bin.
  • The BigBelly bins were solar powered and that there was also an option to get wrapsfor the bins and designs can be placed on them.
  • Regarding the location, it was proposed to use the top of Main Street near to Castletown House where bins tended to overflow and has a large footfall, other locations for future bins could be investigated noting cost of bins are approx. €4,000

Resolved: on the proposal of Councillor Liston, seconded by Councillor Cussen and agreed by the members that the report be noted.

It was agreed by the members to move Item 6 from the agenda to the end of the meeting when the Parks Section would be in attendance to discuss.


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