Maximisation of Home Purchases

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Full Council: 27 March 2023

Motion – Councillors Vanessa Liston, Peter Hamilton and Colm Kenny: That the council uses the tenant-in-situ purchase scheme and other relevant schemes to maximise the purchase of homes put up for sale that are occupied by HAP tenants or other social housing tenants, working with AHBs where appropriate to make the purchases, and puts a high priority on setting up measures and the government  support mechanisms required to borrow to fund these purchases.  

Report: Week beginning the 13 of March the council received delegated sanction for  the purchase of 55 tenant-in-situ properties in 2023. The council commenced such  tenant-in-situ purchases in 2022 and since then has purchased, or is in the process of  purchasing, a total of 39 properties. Acquisitions are funded through the Social  Housing Investment Programme, which grant funds local authorities to purchase  properties, therefore no borrowing is required. If the sanctioned number of 55  properties is inadequate the council will raise this matter with the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage. The circular outlining the tenant-in-situ  scheme makes no reference to purchases by AHBs. 

Issued by: Ms A Aspell, Director of Services, Housing and Corporate Services


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