Decision process concerning community services

by | Mar 19, 2021 | 0 comments

Municipal District: 19 March 2021 

Question: Can the council confirm what is the process it follows for making decisions around stopping a community service such as a school warden service, and engaging with impacted stakeholders? 

Report: If a road crossing or a crossing point where a School Warden operates at is upgraded to another crossing type, such as a Pedestrian Controlled Crossing for example, the council will assess the upgraded crossing and warden in operation together to ascertain if the assistance of a School Warden is still necessary at that location after the pedestrian controlled lights are switched on and working fully. If the assessment finds that it is no longer necessary to avail of the assistance of a School Warden to work in tandem with pedestrian controlled lights, a decision may be made to relocate that school warden to another location. The council engages with the School Principal and School Warden in relation to any plans or changes to a school crossing which the staff member operates at. 


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