Geothermal Energy Usage

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Municipal District: 22 April 2022

Motion: That the council outline how it expects the significant geothermal energy resources in Celbridge to be used for home and commercial heating, and any new planning policies that need to be considered to ensure the effective leverage of this resource through the Celbridge LAP 2024 – 2029 in the context of the recent consultation on the Draft Policy Statement on Geothermal Energy for a Circular Economy.

Report: The Government’s final Policy Statement on Geothermal Energy has yet to be formalised and published, following the recent public consultation which included Strategic Environmental Assessment and Appropriate Assessment of the Draft
Policy. In the interim, Kildare County Council is preparing a Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP) / Climate Action Pan (CAP) that may consider the geothermal potential of the county. The SECAP/CAP, and the policies of the Government, will inform the review of all of our Local Area Plans including that for Celbridge, in consultation with the Elected Members, to facilitate the transition to a low carbon and climate resilient society.

Issued by: Ms A Granville Senior Planner, Planning, Strategic Development and Public Realm Department and Ms P O’Rourke Climate Action Officer.

Discussion and outcome: Councillor Liston noted the report and queried what appropriate updates were being made to policy documents in this regard and what could be done now. Ms Hunt advised she would speak to Ms Granville and revert to the members with an update via the Progress Report.

Resolved on the proposal of Councillor Liston seconded by Councillor Caldwell and agreed by the members, the report was noted.


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